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It's All About the Chamois Pad

One of Shutt's success stories has been the popularity of our cycling bib shorts and tights range. These have received rave reviews from customers and the cycling press alike, and a big factor in this success is the Shutt Velo Rapide chamois pad.

“Pretty much the key component to how they felt was the chamois pad, which looks to be exactly the same 3D multi-density gel and foam one used here in these Sanremo bib shorts. It's quite a firm pad, offering great support when in the saddle, and there is a central channel at the rear for a bit of pressure relief.” –

Shutt Velo Rapide Chamois

Back in 2015, we partnered with a small factory in Italy to design and manufacture chamois pads exclusively for Shutt. The pads were designed from the outset to be suitable for rides of 8 hours plus. Long distance riding requires more protection, more support, more research. Gel is a great material for vibration dampening but it has its drawbacks, namely it's relatively heavy and it doesn't breathe all that well. To resolve these issues, we used a newly developed gel injection process to add individual gel inserts to the pads. And after a lot of prototyping and testing we were delighted with the result. 

We were so confident that the pad was going to be a roaring success that we introduced a bold money-back guarantee. Anyone purchasing a pair of our bib shorts or bib tights that didn’t love them could return them to us, used or unused, within one month for a full refund. Obviously, we have had a few returns, but not that many, and certainly not enough for us to discontinue the promise.

As for the technical stuff, the pad features a gel injected 120 kg/m3 high density foam pad, the thickness varies from 2 to 15 mm meaning there’s additional cushioning in all the right places.

The Shutt pad features in all our retail bib shorts and bib tights, plus our custom Proline range. 

Shutt Velo Rapide Bib Shorts

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