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Kit Donation Scheme

At Shutt we get the opportunity to talk to a lot of cyclists about kit. One of the most apparent things is that nearly every cyclist seems to have a drawer full of garments they no longer use. Maybe they grew out of it, maybe it was replaced by something new - either way it’s sitting there forgotten to the world.

We’ve started donating our old kit to Capital of Cycling, a coalition of cycling organisations, community groups and charities that uses cycling initiatives to help communities across the country. Often it’s bikes that are gifted to those in need and given a new lease of life but they’re equally keen for kit as well.

We’ve teamed up with them to help spread the word and encourage kit donations amongst the cycling community. Fill in the form below and we’ll get details to you on how to send kit to them and how it will be used or simply send direct to:

Capital of Cycling, Rawson Road, Bradford BD1 3SH.

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 We know that your old kit has value, it may have been expensive when new or taken you on a lot of good adventures! It’s why we can help by offering something in return for your kit donation - you'll receive a 25% discount code which can be used on any Shutt Velo Rapide jersey  

Our jerseys are manufactured using Repetita® 100% post-consumer recycled yarns. Repetita® uses polyester regenerated from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic found in landfill and the oceans. The supply chain is fully traceable so we’re able to guarantee 100% sustainable methods in its production, starting from the raw material itself.

About Capital of Cycling

Based in Bradford, Capital of Cycling (Charity no. 1179161) is an umbrella organisation with a ‘coalition’ structure of community groups and other charities. This allows them to draw on the reputation and networks of these partners and often tie together and co-manage delivery with groups already experienced in the fields in which they are operating.

With a full calendar of events including, 'Dr Bike sessions' and Learn to Ride lessons. They also play an active role in Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival and have given away hundreds of free bikes over the years.

"We welcome donations of unused bikes and associated equipment from the public. Bradford Bikery will fix it up and put it to good use – either selling it on at an affordable price and putting the money into a worthwhile charitable project or passing it on to one of our volunteers. The broad aim is simply to get as many people as possible riding a bike!" Capital of Cycling