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How to Stay Motivated When All Your Races Are Cancelled

So, your goals for 2020 have just disappeared in front of you, all organised events cancelled, social distancing comes into force, schools closed and work from home measures put in place.

If 6 months ago you’d heard this is how your 2020 season was going to start, you’d have thought me stupid, yet this is where we now find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, Covid-19.

However, the reality of the situation gives us all chance to reflect on our training, benchmarks and limiters allowing us jointly with your coach, to set a new program that works on your weaker points and enhance your strengths.

This evening, I’m holding a video conferencing call with parents of riders whom I coach to look at life skills as well as educational continuity. This is so that we can get a balance between training and learning, but most importantly, maintain a level of structure to everyone’s lives.

Training will be different, what better opportunity will you have for a full strength and endurance reset?  Longer social rides will still happen, just virtually instead of on the road. Platforms such as Zwift will be one of the key meeting grounds for riders in teams and clubs to meet and chat as they would have done on training rides and club runs.

In the gym, home gym that is, there are exercises that with a chair and a pair of oven gloves (the double ended type) you can do a wide range of exercises, and, yes cyclists everywhere can do core strength workouts to enhance their cycling efficiency.

I’ve asked a couple of JRC Shutt Ridley RT riders to add a paragraph to the blog on how they’re coping and staying motivated.

Oliver Seargent – 14

“Well to be honest I’m still motivated to train.The reason for this is because now I have plenty of time of school I can really focus on some quality training(as well as school work :) because that is just as important if not more so).

One thing I noticed in the two races I did was that I was definitely string over a long period but lacked a bit of leg speed and a sprint.

So in this period of no racing I can improve my sprint as well as leg speed by doing as many Zwift races as I can.So for me COVID-19 isn’t going to stop me from training.So far the only bad thing to come out of it is the fact there is not races and I I can’t go on holiday this year,but I guess I can work round that.

But one thing is for sure I’m determined to come out of this situation stronger and fitter”.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll lay out what training should look like, what kind of sessions you can do on your turbo along with some core work and the often avoided stretching….

Keep safe everyone, keep fit and keep focused.

Cheers James

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