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Shutt Ridley RT Continue to Rule at the Bowl

With a small team this week the Shutt riders still managed huge performances against strong fields in both the Men's and Women's races.

The Women's 2/3/4 race saw Shutt riders Julia Chatterton, Maxine Filby and new recruit Leah Moorman all hit the start in a large group of competitive women. In a tactical display Filby and Chatterton attacked the race and it was Chatterton herself who broke clear. Unlike the previous week the Shutt rider was allowed a large gap and powered clear never to be seen again! Filby and Moorman used this to sit in and follow moves as and when they looked dangerous. Moorman, at just 21 years of age, in her first ever race would eventually lose the wheel and drop off but Filby looked good for the sprint.

Shortly after Chatterton celebrated her solo win Filby started to sprint, before she could get anywhere it became apparent that a rear wheel puncture was going to scupper her plans! In the end Filby held on for 9th place and another huge haul of points from the Shutt Ridley Womens Team.

In the Mens E/1/2 race Jered Allcock and Gareth Harvey lined up at the start amidst a rare (and large) number of elite riders. It became clear quite early on that this race was going to be aggressive from the gun!

Playing a sensible tactical race, Allcock and Harvey alternated their efforts following the big moves and marking the elite riders up until the half way point where extra parts of the track get opened up and the race gets more technical.
In an effort to stay close to the front Harvey put in 2 big laps with a handful of other riders. Looking around after those laps it became apparent that a breakaway had formed and pulled a small gap. Allcock then policed the front of the bunch behind not allowing anyone away as Harvey and his breakaway companions started to work together to build a solid lead. Approaching the last 10mins of the race the break had a significant lead and was clearly going to share the spoils. There was a problem for Harvey though as three of the six man break were team mates and obviously working together. Tactically this situation was tough and the three Spirit Tifosi RT riders took advantage of it and sent a rider away up the road. It was down to Harvey and two other riders to chase. Then the chase got blown apart as a rider from Flamme Rouge RT attacked the break and tried to ride clear. As this was happening up front Allcock was also trying to split the race as he and 2 others broke away from the bunch and set about racing for 7th 8th and 9th. Ultimately the Sprit rider in front stayed away and took the win, Harvey powered through the sprint behind for second and Allcock held on to his break to finish 9th and secure yet more points for the team.

Chatterton wins at the bowl (credit David LLoyd)

Chatterton wins at the bowl (credit David Lloyd)

Elsewhere, Harvey continued his good form in the Reading track league taking another whitewash of victories.

Billy Leason took a brilliant 3rd in the Marsh Tracks E/1/2 race and an U23 timetrial win.

Chatterton was in action again at the Oxfordshire Road Race League race in Woodstock where she finished mid pack.

Luke Souter, Leon O'Rourke and Harry Lock raced the Team Veloton Road Race where the oppressive heat held them to bunch finishes too.

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