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May 8-14 Race Report

Crit Racing Criterium Milton Keynes Bowl MK Bowl RaceReport Racing Shutt Velo Rapide

Big Shutt Velo Rapide Race Team presence at The Bowl MK. With 3 races every week The Bowl is a good place to keep your form in between the bigger road races. With a week or two off a full 7 Shutt riders descended on MK. Ian Munday was first up in the 4th cat race. From the sidelines it was easy to tell that veteran Munday was sitting pretty in the wheels, staying calm and keeping his powder dry for the inevitable sprint finish. Into the final 2 laps of the short 600m inner loop Munday managed to position himself in the front five riders, the perfect position. Munday clearly felt good on the day as he opened up his sprint early and quickly opened up a lead over his competitors. Driving hard to the line Munday held on to his lead and won his race by 2 bike lengths. Speaking after the race Munday said "I'm ecstatic with that win, it's my first ever points and it was a great way to do it. I'm glad I could pull it of with my whole family watching!"

Up next was the younger Munday, Kieran riding with Billy Leason, Justin Belcher and Leon O'Rourke in the Cat3/4. This race included the extra stretch around Loughton park making the lap 1000m long. Also the added technicality of the circuit adds an extra dimension to the race. A dimension that unfortunately Kieran Munday misjudged leaving him struggling to close gaps as the race progressed. Shutt riders Belcher and O'Rourke stay quiet and followed both the wheels of the riders in front and Ian Munday's race winning tactic. Leason was aggressive during the race and was constantly pressing on the front making the race as hard as possible. It came down to a sprint in this race too and it was O'Rourke who took a mighty 2nd place just pipping Welland Valleys Daniel Leverton with one rider clear in front. Belcher held on for 8th place and Leason and Munday rolled through with the bunch after a tough day out.

Shutt Velo Rapide Team Photo

In the final race Jered Allcock and Gareth Harvey lined up in the cat E/1/2 race. Held on the same course at the same time as the cat 3/4 this race is hotly contested, often with local pro riders taking part. Like a comet breaking up on re-entry this race was shedding riders at a rate of knots! So much so that sprinter Harvey was dropped half way through and still managed to finish 17th! Allcock had a solid race and pushed hard in the final lap to finish 7th.

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