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Guide | Merino Sportwool Jerseys

Not all merino-blends are created equally.

Merino baselayers, underwear, t-shirts and more are pretty common these days. With highly absorbent and insulative properties, the luxurious feel of merino wool makes it perfect for garments close to the skin, especially in colder conditions.

Sounds good but not for a cycling jersey surely?

Enter Sportwool - a very special wool blend that we can only describe as a sports fabric superstar. Super soft merino wool on the inside combined with an outer fast wicking polyester layer that provides the performance we associate with modern sports fabrics.

Quite simply, the best of both worlds.

In terms of ‘feel’, it means you stay cool when it’s warm, warm in the cold, and dry whatever the temperature.

It gets better too… merino fibres naturally absorb UV radiation, giving the wearer protection when exposed to sunlight and the Sportwool is far more efficient than other fabrics at absorbing sweat, and realising it into the air (great for odour control!).

We use a specialist Danish manufacturer for this high quality material and they take great steps in maintaining their GOTS certification with full traceability and careful monitoring of their environmental impact.

The Siena and Montalcino Jersey


The 1978 and Cumbria Jersey


You’ll notice the Merino Sportwool blend on Shutt Heritage jerseys which pay homage to yesteryear’s cycling style and the woollen aspect adds to that retro feel.

If you're placing an order then we'd always recommend you double check your sizing. Merino Sportwool is a little heavier than traditional performance fabrics and as such has a little less stretch.

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