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Another new product... upcycled tubular tyre wallets

Having seen something very like these on holiday this summer, we sought out a supplier for a new collaboration and discovered Australia’s Buck!t. The new Shutt 'signature' wallets are handmade from upcycled tubular tyres, using latex & butyl inner-tube for the inside pockets.

There’s lots we like about these. They’re green, they’re vegan, and all the packaging is 100% recycled or upcycled card.

The tubular tyres used to make the CorsaSC wallets came from the Giant Alpecin ProTour Team (Collected from the mechanic at the Tour Downunder).

Upcycled Micro-wallets

Each type of tubular tyre has its own look depending on its manufacturing / construction:

  • VITTORIA Corsa SC (ProTour tyre - yellow/black version; cream fabric internally)
  • CONTINENTAL Competition (racing-favourite - black tread with Kevlar edges; black inside)
  • VITTORIA Pista (track cycling tubular - fine filetooth tread with dark grey edges; cream inside)
  • ZIPP Tangente (clean, modern black tread with grey edges; light grey inside)

We expect the first batch of these to sell out very quickly and will be ordering more in time for Christmas.

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