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Golden Age Cycles

A good friend of ours at Shutt Velo Rapide has recently given up a successful career in teaching to make the bold leap into the vintage bicycle business. Golden Age Cycles was launched online in January with their new retail shop opening very shortly in the centre of Banbury.

Brian Reid at Golden Age Cycles

Golden Age plans to cater for the growing interest in British cycling heritage, and will be specialising in racing cycles from the 1950s to the 1990s. This was the heyday of steel bicycle production and the machines were handmade by craftsmen proud to show their name, such as Hetchins, Mercian and Bates amongst many.

Golden Age Cycles

The firm will be sourcing and restoring the highest quality machines, undertaking any necessary restoration before making them available to discerning new owners. They are also interested in purchasing high quality cycles or selling on commission, as well as providing insurance valuations.

Golden Age Cycles Jersey

There will be a selection of Shutt clothing available in the new shop, including a new batch of tweed hats and some specially created custom jerseys.

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