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Beautiful Bikes: Orange Hetchins

We never cease to be amazed at the variety to our days at Shutt and last week was a case in point.  Mid-way through a meeting with one of our factories discussing our new range of retro garments we had a visit by a cyclist who spotted our sign on the barn and thought he’d pop in and say hi.


After a not so brief chat about all things bike he suggested we take a quick look at his machine.  As a rule we tend to be shown some nice new carbon but on the occasion it was a mount that was older than Pete.  The customer had a sympathetically restored Hetchins from the 1950′s.  For those unfamiliar with the company, Hetchins  started selling bicycles in the 1920s. The elegance and fine workmanship of the frames have made the marque legendary.


Work almost stopped for the day as we all drooled over the bike, Pete was especially jealous as he has a thing for old steel…

For a full gallery of photos of this lovely bike, head over to our Flickr photostream click here

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