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Shutt Pay Homage with our Heritage Jersey

Heritage Made in GB Made in Great Britain

Shutt takes inspiration from the spirit of cycling’s golden age; freedom on the road should only be determined by the freshness in your legs. Pay homage to yesteryear’s cycling style whilst retaining all the benefits and performance of modern fabrics when you wear Shutt’s Heritage jersey. Think Tom Simpson and Barry Hoban in their Mercier sponsored jerseys, Merckx in his iconic Molteni kit and Coppi in his Bianchi jersey and you are there.

Our core range of MerinoPerformTM jerseys take inspiration from the classic British club jersey. The limited edition Heritage Jersey is a rather special addition to the range and one we are immensely proud of. Taking inspiration from the British Tour de France trade teams of old you can enjoy the road in your emblematic jersey crafted with Shutt’s unblinking eye for functional details. Simple lines, vintage styling and pops of colour takes this beyond our other jerseys.

Be part of an exclusive Shutt club limited to 200 members. Take yourself back to the days when wearing your club kit didn’t mean being a moving billboard, but stood for representing your team. Striving to achieve a common goal, every constituent complementing and synchronising with the others and riders fearing the flash of colour and sight of those iconic jerseys riding off into the distance. This is what we love about cycling; this is what the Heritage Jersey stands for. Be a cyclist and wear your Shutt colours with pride.

 The jersey is 100% designed by our in house team and lovingly handmade at our Leicester factory. We designed a special logo to capture the spirit of cycling’s illustrious history and is worn as a badge of honour on the Heritage Jersey (read the story behind the head badge here). Even the Union Jack patches were manufactured in the UK; this really is the ultimate British cycling jersey.

Constructed from a special wool blend fabric called MerinoPerformTM Advantage (sometimes know as Sportwool) the jersey is super soft and comfortable next to the skin while being highly breathable, hard wearing, versatile and easy to care for.  However not all merino-blends are created equal; read our Wonderful Wool Blog to find out why we use the materials we do.

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