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VC d'Ardbeg - Merino Sportwool

VC d'Ardbeg - Merino Sportwool

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A special edition sport-wool jersey designed by VC d'Ardbeg and handmade in our Italian factory. 

A technically advanced jersey inspired by a classic design from the history of cycling. 

  • Athletic cut
  • Merino Sportwool Fabric
  • Mesh on side panels
  • Silicone microfibre gripper on cuffs
  • YKK zip

Merino Sportwool was developed to combine the physical performance attributes of synthetics with the comfort and breathability of a natural fibre. It is a lightweight, composite fabric consisting of a layer of machine-washable superfine Merino wool next to the skin and a layer of tough, easy-care polyester on the outside. As a result of this construction:

  • the wearer feels cooler more quickly and formation of liquid sweat is delayed
  • liquid sweat is carried away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, leaving the inside dry and resulting in less ‘clammy’ garment cling
  • the wearer stays cooler when exercising
  • ‘post-exercise chill’ is reduced.

In addition, Merino Sportwool is elastic, provides UV protection and does not retain odours.

Merino Sportwool is constructed in weights ranging from ultra-light for jogging, to thicker, heavy-duty fabric for football jerseys. It is easily printed in bright colours and designs, including information about sponsors and players. Merino Sportwool can also be dyed in solid colours.


"It's hard to deny the coolness factor that such a finely honed jersey confers upon the wearer"

thewashingmachinepost - full review


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