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Rinaldo's - Shutt Velo "CASA" - Single Origin Espresso Blend - 100% Arabica

Rinaldo's - Shutt Velo "CASA" - Single Origin Espresso Blend - 100% Arabica


For many cyclists the coffee stop is a central part of any bike ride, so we at Shutt are very pleased to team up with Cumbria's premier artisan roaster Rin Colombi, owner and founder of Rinaldo's Coffee, to create this special espresso blend.

Available as beans or ready ground, this coffee delivers well balanced flavours with nutty and dark chocolate notes and a refreshing berry finish. Lovely!

60% Brazil: Cemorrado
40%: El Salvador: El Borbollon

Rin explains a little about this blend. 

"We use for the base the incredible Mundo Nuovo Arabica coffee varietal from the Cerrado region. This Brazilian bean has an amazing honey sweetness with milk chocolate and hazelnut notes, yet the punch needed to cut through milky espresso-machine based drinks. So, its the ideal base for our Casa Espresso blend. It's also ideal as a stand alone single origin, for those of you who like extra body in the cup.

As its bezzy mate, we've chosen the typical chocolatey flavours of an El Salvador Arabica. It's a Red Bourbon varietal, a favourite at Rinaldo's, and a delight to roast."

    Brew Method: Made to measure for an espresso machine. If you have a home espresso machine, then our "blue label" is an essential companion. It's also absolutely cracking to use with a stove top. 

    This single-origin Casa Espresso Blend has been awarded a UK GREAT TASTE AWARD in September 2020. 

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