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  • February 13th, 2013

    Squadra Donne Team Launch – 13th February ’13

    This year’s Team launch for the new Shutt-Squadra Donne line up was the most prestigious in the history of the team, taking place at ProDrive in Banbury.

    Paige Milward, a new signing for the team was very please to sit in the 1.5 million pound, hand built Aston Martin LMP1 racing car which is nicknamed “Harold” at Prodrive. At the tender age of 15, Paige is one of the the youngest members of the Team. Already part of the BCF ‘World Class Performance Plan’ Talent Team, Paige is a cycling star of the future. This season she will be racing in some important youth races, as well as some senior events with some of the other Team girls which she has special dispensation to ride in.

    The team are again in good hands this year with their Team Manager Jon Miles. It has often been said that Jon is the hardest working person for women’s cycling in Britain, and Shutt would have to agree. Shutt are also happy to be sponsoring Jon’s Womens Team Series races this season.

    Jon says “You can race on your own quite successfully but it is lonely. Being part of the same team week after week, doing the same races, it has to help a rider improve and enjoy the racing more.”

    There are also three other new riders in the 2013 lineup – Sian Botteley, Louise Clowes & Jenni Lake. We spoke to Paige the day after the launch and she had this to say “fantastic day yesterday at the team launch- being able sitting in the Aston Martin sports car and meeting all my team mates. Back down to earth today on a 3 hour ride in the pouring rain with a bunch of u16 and junior boys!”

    In the coming weeks we will be profiling each Squadra rider on the Shutt blog, so stay tuned for more info. Don’t forget to head over to the Shutt Flickr page for more photos from the Team Launch:

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