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  • August 15th, 2012

    Cycling’s a Breeze! – 15th August ’12

    When leafing through the local newspaper the other night, Peter stumbled across a small article proclaiming that women should cycle for fun. I say local newspaper, but this isn’t just a local initiative; it is nationally supported by British cycling. See more information about getting involved with the Breeze network here.

    Women's Cycling - Cycling's a breeze

    Our Women's Racing Team.

    The stereotype goes that a female taking her car for a service would quite likely be sold short and charged high, though I’m personally yet to see a similar case in the cycling world I’m sure it is equally  intimidating. The world of cycling is clearly dominated by technologically minded gear fetishist males, talking about carbon fibre this, power to weight ratio that, as a newcomer it can be understandably confusing and daunting. This is where the breeze network aims to step in, offering new female cyclists advice on good local bike shops, on organising group rides and worthwhile tips on how to maintain your bicycle. When some are just looking to have a good, well maintained bike that is a joy to ride; it is nice to have an initiative such as this to offer a helping hand to those who don’t necessarily have a friend or family member already in the know who can help. This could potentially be very liberating to a broad range of women across the country.

    We’ve always had an open armed approach to welcoming new cyclists into the fold here at Shutt, and encourage anyone in the local area, (Mixbury, Oxfordshire) to get in touch and join us on a lunchtime or weekend ride. We’re always looking to grow the women’s section of our club*; and if you’re not as local to us get out and find some like-minded individuals and start your own! With initiatives such as the Breeze network there’s always someone somewhere ready to help you take that first step.

    (As I said for those that are local you can find out more here:

    *We’ve also made women’s kit since the company started.

    (You can view some of our Women’s specific kit here)

    (Or you can connect with us digitally here on Strava)

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